Learn To Make Your Own

Jump Rings + Pick Solder

Don't buy jump rings, link components, or chain. Learn how to make your own. On days you don't know what to make, make these components for future use. Links and connectors of all sizes are used regularly in jewelry fabrication and a great thing to readily have in stock.

Pick soldering is the jam and in this lesson you'll learn how! Oh, and these great earrings will be our lesson demo!

learn to pick solder
sterling silver jump rings

Sterling Silver Chain Links

Learn how to make links for chains,

components, and connectors.

chain links soldered together

Soldered Links

Pick soldering is a valuable skill to have in your

arsenal. I'll introduce you to it soldering links.

finished handmade chain
Finished Chain

This chain can be worn as a lariat

or connected to the pendant.

Example Curriculum

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Lovely Links + Pick Soldering

The dynamic duo! Let's make chain and pick solder the links!

I sure do love pick soldering and I think you will too. It might take a bit of time to train your brain on this one, but before you know it you will be on your way to mastering this technique. Get this great double lesson where we'll talk about making your own links and then pick soldering them together.