Student Projects

Students applied what they learned in class

and made these in their home studios!

Instructor Earrings

This is how I like to make this earring. Find your

style and make them your own. Experiment with

how this form can be used in different ways.

Class Projects

These beginners learned so much

in this simple, beautiful project.

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Through 10+ years of Authorized Distributorships we offer you quality tools and supplies from daily driver consumables to large machinery and other trade shop items.

If you are local, hot diggity, stop by to shop in person! For far away folks, if you'd like some phone time or FaceTime face time to see tools please let me know!

The Tools + Supplies we use in our lessons will be linked in the Show Notes

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are an option for some one-on-one working time together to learn something new or work through a technical difficulty. The time is yours to use how you wish and is a flexible option to learn wherever you are, whatever you'd like to learn, and whenever you have time.