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What an amazing technique to add to your arsenal and grow your craft! The skill and ability to reclaim and recycle metal is invaluable for yourself and for your clients.

Getting into casting? Let's get acquainted with some of the most basic tools and concepts to start melting and pouring or casting metal.

We will also chat about some rustic, organic alternative casting methods that let you practice and dip your toe in before committing to the initial investment in equipment with some fun results.

Some inexpensive metals to start with are pewter, aluminum, and colloidal bronze.

Melting client's gold

Poured the wire ingot

Made the ring

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Reclaim Your Metals

It's a good one!

Let's get acquainted with some of the most basic concepts in melting metal to cast and/or pour metal. You will use this technique to sand cast, although we will not be showing that in this lesson. You will use this technique to pour an ingot and you will also use this method to vacuum cast, if you do not use a melting furnace. The same technique applies when I have to melt metal in the crucible mounted in my centrifugal casting machine.

In this lesson we will talk about different types of crucibles and melting dishes, seasoning your crucible, cover basic definitions, discuss different types of ingot molds, alternative casting methods, and safety.