Rings, Rings, Rings

Let's meet the ring shank! In this class you'll learn about this foundation form; one you can come back to as the core of your designs or experiment with split shanks, open-back shanks, asymmetrical shanks, and the list goes on. Whatever you make usually boils down to this basic form; a wonderful thing to know how to make and build off in so many ways.

I suggest that you take the Soldering class before this one where we dive deep into the torch, heat management, joins, how and where solder flows, and more. If you've been in it for a minute and are mystified by the torch this class is for you. And for my budding smiths this lesson will provide a solid foundation into one of the deepest most difficult skills to manage + master.

Dog Jeweler

Have you met everyone's favourite studio buddy? This is Ollie and he lives for ear scritches and nose boops from the students. As the official Chief Barking Officer he works hard every day to let you know that he is here and to let me know that you are here.

Here he is during last year's holiday rush. Having an extra set of paws in the studio is a huge help!

A wider band ring? A set of stackers? So many rings and not enough fingers.

Rings can be made with flat wire, round wire, half-round wire, triangle wire, or square wire.

Mix + match textures and finishes for a simple, classic band or stackable set.

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  Rockin' Band Ring
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